MGD evaporative dry eye disease Treatments

PRN Triglyceride Omega 3s


Why PRN?

In the world of nutritional supplements, PRN stands alone. PRN is committed to providing products with unmatched purity and potency. 

PRN has partnered with the world’s leading doctors and provides products under the recommendation of a physician.  

PRN’s commitment to helping patients lead healthy and fulfilling lives is supported by:

Superior Formulations

PRN omega-3 products contain both a high amount of DHA and EPA.  At PRN, our omega-3 products are in the triglyceride form

Many other fish oil products are low quality, unpurified, or are sold in a synthetic, ethyl ester form.  

This form, which is more difficult to absorb, can leave a fishy odor or after-taste. 

 It could take up to 40 synthetic capsules to equal the same benefits found in just four capsules of PRN’s products.

Clinical Proof

PRN provides our customers the most scientifically – based, pure and efficacious nutritional supplements possible. 

We stay current with the evidence and reformulate our products in response to the ever-evolving body of research.

Physician Recommendations

Each product has been carefully crafted, reviewed and approved by an independent medical advisory panel. 

Peer Reviewed

At PRN, each product has been carefully crafted based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence. 

The formulations are reviewed and approved by the medical advisory panel.

Manufacturing Standards

PRN products are manufactured in world class facilities.  These facilities are GMP Registered by NSF International.  

Additionally, every batch of PRN product is third-party tested to ensure we adhere to high standards of quality and purity

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IPL Intense Pulsed Light


IPL (Intense Pulse Light) a series of 3-4 treatments 

about 4 weeks apart

reduces inflammation of the Meibomian Glands by :

  1. killing bacteria & parasites, 
  2. destroying bad blood vessel (telangesia)
  3. enhance MG cell health & 
  4. thermally heat up & liquefies meibum oils. 


Essentially, IPL is  a "Photo Pharmacy" that directly treat inflammation without drugs. 

It has been FDA approved for many years for dermatological treatments. 

IPL Clinical Study Video



LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation Treatment for MGD is the only FDA approved procedure that restores MG function. 

It utilizes controlled vector heat pulsations to flush out & unclog congested meibomian glands, allowing them to resume its own

natural production of lipid oils.

 LipiFlow® is a treatment device specifically designed to remove blockages from the meibomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective lipid layer of the tear film. 

Supported by 37 patents and used around the world by leading eye care professionals, LipiFlow® is fast becoming the standard-of-care for MGD with studies demonstrating safety and effectiveness.

Disease Treatment: Omega 3 • IPL • Lipiflow

Dr Ng OmniTV • BlephEx • palliative (comfort) treatment

clinical studies



"Dry Eyes" is the Wrong Diagnosis for Millions. 2015 

Journal of the American Academy of Optometry, Optometry & Vision Science

IPL studies


 Clinical trials of IPL have shown 81- 87% of treated patients have significant improvements in both MG structure, function and patient dry eye symptoms. 

Lipiflow studies


LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation Treatment for MGD is the only FDA approved procedure that restores MG function. 

Multiple studies LipiFlow® have shown >80% of treated patients 

improve in MG structure, function and symptoms.